Monday, February 6, 2012

My Two Weeks NO Makeup Challenge- Day Six

On day three I wasn't feeling very confident, but I still managed to go to a hockey game with my family. But before leaving,  I looked in the mirror and I thought that I needed to fix my hair to feel a lot better about myself. While I was fixing my hair I thought "No makeup, but at least I have my long hair". Well... that didn't last long! The next day, I went with the same hairstylist to get cut my hair (just a trim on the cut that she always did) and well the outcome was totally unexpected. My hair was half-way down my back with layers and I ended up with a MULLET! A lot of you may think that I over reacted, but I just simply went to the car and began to cry while my husband was getting his hair cut. I called a friend and she was able to make me feel better. I walked back in and asked her to cut it up to my shoulders to make it look better. But unfortunately, that didn't work either. My hair doesn't look as bad as it did when I had a long mullet, but I may still have to go with someone else to cut it shorter so I can get it fixed and get rid of the mullet once and for all.
So why am I talking about this instead of the no makeup challenge? Because this just didn't help... it was no makeup... no long hair... and I was going to watch the Pats play in the Super Bowl with friends and family. But regardless of how horrible I felt I thought about the commitment that I made to myself and God in order to get back on track with my relationship with Him and everything else. Surprisingly, I read the Bible Saturday night, Sunday morning and night. I was able to go to church and be filled with His Joy- once again. While I was at church I didn't think about my hair or makeup, I was really enjoying the service. That afternoon, we all got together to watch the Superbowl and my friend surprised me with no makeup. She told me that she wasn't going to wear makeup when I was around her cause she didn't want me to feel bad and really supported me on this journey. I was able to enjoy the game- without makeup and my new bff's- bobby pins LOL!

Even though the Pats didn't win the Super Bowl I had a great time. It seems like I'm handling the no makeup challenge a little bit better this week. :)

                                              Here are a few pics on the Before n After lol

                                      Hope you all have a great and blessed WEEK! ♥

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  1. You still look great! I did the no make up thing as well all weekend and it was liberating not to have to think about it! Keep ur head up! Ur halfway thete! God Bless!