Friday, February 3, 2012

My Two Weeks NO Makeup Challenge- Day Three

The first day seemed to be a lot easier... people weren't really asking anything since it was just one day. I did notice the stares on the second day though. It seems like people do "freak out" when they see someone that they're used to seeing with makeup on everyday- not wear any. One of the things that kept on holding me back from doing something like this was the question that some or a lot of people were going to ask- "Are you ok? Do you feel sick". But surprisingly only one person has asked me, but I think that was just "one down n many more to go" lol.
I have to admit that today seems to be a lot more of a challenge than the two previous days. My husband and I went to eat and I felt people staring at me. I don't know if it was just me or if it was because people just stare when a girl doesn't wear makeup. I must admit that I been avoiding the mirror as much as possible. Its funny cause I actually do forget that I'm not wearing any and when I just happen to be in front of a mirror, I think to myself, "Oh yeah I'm not wearing any". This  challenge seems to be taking a toll in my confidence, but that's the whole point. I want to be able to reach that point of confidence without any makeup on.
One of the things that I definitely cant hide now is tiredness. Concealer seemed to work wonders, but now its just out in the open. I think that after realizing this, this process may help me live a healthier life. Drinking water, eating healthy, sleeping early, and among other things. I've also noticed that I put more input on the clothes that I wear- especially on the colors. I went from trying to wear something black everyday (to look slimmer) to very colorful colors (I'm really trying to add color to my face lol).
As for my relationship with God (which is the most important thing)- I think its getting a little better. Its amazing how I opened up my email this morning to read my daily devotional and the title was "He'll Get You Back on Track". Coincidence? I think not! Instead of applying my makeup in the morning I get to read the Bible and I definitely feel like that has been helping.

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